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SPM / Escapement & Placement Mechanism

  SPM / Escapement & Placement Mechanism
HA Special Purpose Machines :
HA designs & manufacture assembly equipment to suit an individual client’s product requirements. The equipments produced by HA can also incorporate where required inspection & test facilities to ensure that the assembled & tested product has been validated at various stages during the production process thereby reducing end of the line reject rates & production costs.
We have successfully installed following m/c’s: -
• Air Jet Drilling SPM’s
• Rivet Assembly Machine
• Bolt Feeding System

Note : Details of these machines can be shared on special request by client.
HA Escapement & Placement Mechanism:
HA has complete part escapement design & build capabilities in-house.
Escapements are used to accurately separate & position parts for pick up or delivery by a robotic arm or pick & place system.

• Escapement System
• High / Low Level Sensor Stand
• Adjustable Feeder Stands (Lead Screw)
• Silence Hood Enclosure
• Magnetic Coils
• Fiber / Spring Steel