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   ISO 9001:2008 Registered Company  
Case Study :

1)  Project Highlight: Multiple Parts Processing Success – Medical Mfd company in Gurgaon

Case Study

Our customer desired to become more proficient at competing in a market providing pharmaceutical products. The customer wanted to automate the assembly of medical components though different bowls on a assembly station. The plastic molded component ranged in size. The parts differed in both width and height. Hindustan Automation Feeders was contracted to design and build a feeder system that would feed each of the components namely needle, Butterfly, Stopper, Hub, Teflon Thread with a feed rate of 150 parts per minute.

Hindustan Automation Feeders designed and tooled a custom 400mm Dia vibratory feeder bowl. The feeder bowl design consisted of two orientation tracks that converge into a single inline discharge. We also provided, as part of our turnkey feed system a one cubic foot supply hopper, mounting plate with legs, isolation feet, and a sound enclosure.

Important features that are key to the success of this feeder system are as follows:

• bolt on quick-change orientation devices and selectors providing rapid part changeover;
• lift-off or hinged sound enclosure doors and panels providing unobstructed access to feeder bowl tooling;
• capped-off return pan to reduce part cross contamination;
• easy access quick dump feature, allowing for rapid part removal providing rapid part changeover; and
• all Hindustan Automation feeder bowls are built in adequate size to allow the parts to move up tracks, designed with minimum pitch.
2)  Project Highlight: Replace Existing Equipment – Fasteners company in Chennai


Many times during the course of a year, HA Feeders is contacted to replace a feeder system that is worn out. A large share of these opportunities has come from the reputation we have earned for building elaborate jobs and solving difficult problems. Major contributors to our replacement business are jobs built by smaller feeder shops that are no longer in existence.
In this application, a Hindustan Automation Feeders feed system was designed to replace an existing feeder that was worn out. This system now feeds bolts & Telco lock nut with a feed rate of 140 pcs per minute. The special single hopper has two independent discharges feeding in opposite directions keeping both feeder bowls at optimum operating levels. The two 90 degree down angle tracks were designed to fit directly into the existing bolt press assembly unit.

Specially designed equipment to solve very difficult assembly problems is another opportunity to separate Hindustan Automation Feeders from the rest of the industry. Value-added solutions are what we are all about and that’s why HA Feeders is an industry leader!
3)  Project Highlight: SPM Air Jet Drilling Machine

Hindustan Automation drilling SPM feed system was designed to increase the production rate by 80%.
The performance of the carburetor depends upon accuracy and reliability of components. Hindustan Automation has invested in the state of the art high-pressure SPM air jet drilling machines with a feed rate of + 50 Pcs per minute. The machining is designed exclusively for production of carburetor air jets accurately positioned for drilling, produce different types of carburetor air jets sizes. These components are thoroughly checked with precision measurement equipments for maintaining centrality of dimensions.
4)  Project Highlight: Feeding system in Nuclear Plant – BARC, Tarapore


• 4" feeder bowl with linear track and escapement mechanism
• Fed part is a 0.020" dia. Pin with a head dia. of 0.035" and a length of 0.200"
• Very small -Feed Rate= 6 PPM
• Replaced drive unit, modified in-line track, created a new escape and blow mechanism

This project clearly highlights two of Hindustan Automation strengths: market leading expertise in vibratory feeding systems, and a strong ability to feed a broad range of parts - including the very small. After months of frustration, the project's customer approached Hindustan Automation for this esteem project. Unfortunately, a major competitor to HA had built the original system, and after multiple attempts, had given up - leaving the customer without a solution and rendering the entire system useless. Leveraging its' expertise, HINDUSTAN AUTOMATION re-designed and re-built the entire assembly system, refined and tuned the track, and developed and built a new escapement mechanism. Given the extraordinary small size of the part and its associated features, innovative designs, high precision tolerances, and craftsmanship were required. BARC was very pleased with the resulting system performance - and impressed with HA’s ability and commitment to deliver where others have failed. Have received appreciation certificate as well from BARC. Hindustan Automation looks forward