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Automotive Special Purpose Machines

• Pointer Bobbin Assembly Machine
• Valve Piston Assembly Machine
• Leak Testing Machine
• Flow Rate Test Machine
• Speedo Meter Pointer Assembly Machine
• Performance Checking Machine


Automated Test Machines - HA Model

H-SPM Automated Test Machine
It is vitally important to our customers that products they manufacture are of good quality. Often it is also necessary for our customers to demonstrate to their customers that robust quality checking procedures are in place. To complement our process automation machines we also produce test machines. They may be stand-alone units or incorporated into assembly machines and may store test data locally or upload it to a customer's host system, according to needs.
In process and post process tests performed by HA Model machines are diverse, including:

1) Force, torque, distance and angle measurement.
2) Pressure, flow and leak testing.
3) Electrical testing.
4) Functional and endurance testing.
5) Machine vision checks (product variant, completeness, quantity, etc

Vision Inspection System - HA Model

H-SPM Vision Inspection System
H-SPM Vision Inspection System
HA Model offers & integrate a wide range of inspection systems, including contact and non-contact inspection systems.  Our systems can verify marking on a component, verify the presence of the components, verify height and depth and flatness and much more. 
We utilize high speed vision, laser inspection, depth and height sensors, gage plate inspection and other components in our automated inspection systems
Applications where vision systems are useful include:
Parts that must be oriented or sorted based on internal features.
Parts with different colors.
Sorting for quality issues such as missing or malformed threads.
High-speed sorting.

General Features:
Smart Camera Technology
Component Feeding Flexibility
One Touch Component Programming
Contour Scanning or Full Image Inspection