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Hindustan Automation in business with ONGC


Oil and Natural Gas Corporation Limited (ONGC), the largest producer of crude oil and natural gas in India, had recently ordered scissor lifts from Hindustan Automation. The ONGC carries a reputation in the Energy sector and hence is one of the important projects HA has taken over.
HA supplied five scissor lifts to ONGC. HA acquired this project purely on technical merit and not on tender basis, which marks a major accomplishment for us. It was HA’s breakthrough order, as HA had stood competent on all standards of Indian government norms. All the scissor lifts manufactured were flameproof and are certified and having applications in hazardous areas.
HA is one of the few sector manufacturers who are into manufacturing flameproof lifting systems. These systems were verified and certified on all standards and norms of safety, reliability and environment. All the products manufactured under HA are verified and certified by Indian Government. We ensure a safe and reliable delivery of our products to the customers.
The scissor lifts were manufactured and tested; then, were dispatched and already in use at ONGC. The project was completed and delivered in August 2017.
HA also looks forward for more such projects, and will stand by their reliable manufacturing throughput their journey.


Hindustan Automation served in Drip Irrigation


The pro-active Modi government has taken many initiatives in making India’s manufacturing sector grow and reach out to each sector in the country.
HA had worked for the products for the Indian government’s initiative. This is an encouraging step for the manufacturing industries to invest their time, effort and technology in agricultural equipments manufacturing and its modernizing.
HA made joint collaborations with manufacturing industries that are into drip irrigation systems. We supported them in entire auto feeding system for the drip irrigation system. HA made the parts of the automated system of auto feeding of drippers i.e. bowl feeders and rotary feeders. The auto feeding drippers and insertion of the drippers in the pipes is fully automated giving user friendly solution to Indian farmers. HA has included auto feeding of drippers to their catalogue and will be manufacturing them for the customers. These auto feeding drippers will help the farmers for farming in available water.
Mr. Chirag Bakshi, Business and Solution Development Head, Hindustan Automation, thinks that this is the future of the country and also working on this. He undertook this project under HA for a good cause of serving the society.
He is trying to invest in different ventures along with Israel companies, as they have flourished in technology and in the farming manufacturing industries .We are looking forward for channel partners, agencies, ideas and we will support them in bringing the technology to India.  

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HA Drip Irrigation Creative_V1
HA Scissor Lift Creative_V1